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Our expertise spans the entire project and policy cycle, from analyzing problems and the strategic options to project implementation and evaluation, enabling us to provide integrated solutions.

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counterpoint is a full-service climate change and sustainability agency. Combining innovative, evidence-based thinking, pragmatic solutions, and an extensive network of relationships, counterpoint plans, designs, implements and measures climate change and sustainability programs to meet government and business goals; and has been doing so for more than a decade. counterpoint is built on the enduring values of integrity, honesty and the belief that real solutions to climate change are found in measurable change, tonne by tonne.


Our Story

counterpoint is comprised of a group of business, community planning, conservation, and finance specialists committed to the effective design of solutions that positively address the economic, social and environmental concerns related to the development of increased resilience to climate varaiability.

Our high standards of professionalism and integrity are matched by clear thinking and analysis, and the generation of focused and independent ideas.

Our clients are governments and businesses wanting to increase sustainability, reduce greenhouse gases and improve their bottom line. As such, our clients become our partners in working towards mutually beneficial goals.

We believe climate change is a symptom of an unsustainable society. We know there is a better alternative to how our society uses energy and we work to achieve that vision through high-quality research, program design, delivery, evaluation and most importantly, measurable change.

If your government, business or organization is ready to create change, it’s worth a conversation with counterpoint.


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