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A National Investment Plan for Climate Resilient Infrastructure in Belize

Donor/Partner: World Bank   |   Duration: 2012-2013   |   Location: Belize, Central America

About: The extensive coastline and seasonal variability associated with tropical storms make Belize especially vulnerable to climate change. Economic impacts will be experienced in key sectors such as agriculture, transportation and service sectors.

The increasing frequency and severity of extreme climate events (including floods, droughts and tropical storms), rising sea level, and the threats to infrastructure assets pose serious challenges to the country's ability to cope with and alleviate impacts. Communities living in poverty are particularly at risk – since these communities are more likely to be located in environmentally fragile locations and their livelihood depends on sectors that are especially vulnerable to climate impacts.

This World Bank project was designed to support integration off climate change adaptation into national development strategies, policies and investments. counterpoint supported the bank by analyzing the risks and barriers to improving resilience in the country and developing an investment program for rehabilitating the transportation infrastructure to include climate considerations. In addition, the team structured a package of technical assistance and investments that enabled the bank to fully mainstream climate change considerations into a series of road and related drainage projects and to support development of capacity for climate adaptation in the transportation sector.

Project Details
Technical Skills
Climate impacts
Disaster risk reduction
Risk and vulnerability assessment
Risk assessment & modeling
Infrastructure investment
Community engagement
Project management
Project results framework

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