Our Commitments

counterpoint has a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. We strive to share that commitment with our employees, peers, and clients. It is our obligation to find a healthy balance between preserving our natural resources and creating economic prosperity. We lead our clients by example and showcase the financial and environmental benefits from creating a more sustainable workplace.


A Carbon Neutral Company

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, and to demonstrate that taking responsibility for one's greenhouse gas emissions is straightforward and inexpensive, counterpoint has implemented a greenhouse gas management program, and is is carbon neutral with regard to our Scope I & II emissions (direct emissions and purchased electricity, respectively), as well as Scope III emissions (corporate travel). We reduce our carbon impact as much as possible, then purchase offsets, to achieve full neutrality. This purchase contributes to afforestation and reforestation projects around the world.


Sustainable Operations

Beyond our energy and carbon footprint, we have been aggressively reducing our footprint where possible. This includes recycling, reducing paper usage and conserving electricity, smart printing, leveraging cloud based software for collaborative document management, increased teleconferencing and printing our business cards on FSC certified recycled paper. Additional initiatives include increased use of public transport to significantly cut our Scope III greenhouse gas emissions

Our employees not only work tirelessly to protect the environment, but are recharged when spending time in the natural environment. Company practice is to take a monthly mini-field trip to one of our region's natural resources.


Women Owned Business

counterpoint is proud to be a woman-owned business.