Do good to look good. That’s what we tell our clients when they ask us how they can reduce disaster risk, improve their business’ reputation for environmental and social responsibility or address climate challenges. First, we tell them, improve your performance. The challenge lies in translating well-intentioned sustainability concepts into a concrete and practical action that weighs diverse interests without compromising long-term benefits.

With client experience across multiple industries, counterpoint can help your company design a sustainability strategy that will drive corporate performance. Specifically, we can help you:

Manage sustainability risks related to regulation, commodity price volatility, supply chain and due diligence;

Identify and systematically target operational cost savings in your facilities, logistics, production, and packaging processes by reducing spend on energy, waste, water and material;

Understand and exceed your customers’ expectations for environmental and social responsibility, enhancing your brand and supporting your sales efforts; and

Communicate sustainability success to position your company and products as sustainability leaders among customers, investors, regulators, and employees.