Disaster Risk Reduction


counterpoint contributes to the disaster risk reduction cycle: we support prevention, mitigation and preparedness, response, recovery, restoration, and vulnerability reduction based on risk management principles, to minimize loss of life and economic damages.

counterpoint supports governments and communities in establishing early warning systems, vulnerability assessments, planning for disaster risk management and preparation and post-disaster and recovery planning. Drawing on our experience in envirnemntal planning and market mapping, we also provide and support and training to secure and improve livelihoods in the event of disaster.

Climate Change, Flooding, Asia

Our key interventions in this field focus on:

  • Disaster risk management planning;
  • Post-disaster and recovery planning;
  • Vulnerability assessment and hazard mitigation;
  • Building resilient livelihoods through strengthening and diversifying income generating activities;
  • Policy and governance for community based DRR;
  • Knowledge and education to build local capacity; and
  • Planning and coordination of training and workshops on disaster prevention, preparedness and response.